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With a strong team of committed volunteers Pawssible is able to do so much more. We always need a variety of skill-sets and are flexible in creating the right fit for you with Pawssible volunteer opportunities. 


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We hold local and social media events for both fun and a way to raise money to continue creating materials and support for people with six legs and businesses who would like to support them. 

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We have mugs, totes, tanks, t-shirts, and sweatshirts with many different designs you’ll love. Buy for yourself or someone else! Get or give the gift of Pawssible and help someone at the same time!

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The money we receive from donations goes towards providing people with resources and companies with education to increase awareness of service animals.

request a business review or employee program

We ‘secret shop’ businesses to give honest reviews for training purposes. Businesses who want to make sure they are in compliance with Federal Law and are customer-centric can request this service any time. We also create and present employee programming both virtual and in-person. Schedule today!


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Pawssible is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all proceeds go to creating in-person and virtual programs, educational materials, and travel to speaking engagements. The goal of these efforts is to create a more knowledgable and empowered person with 'six legs' and to create more empathetic, understanding, and law-compliant public environments.

Goose-Amazon Book

Goose's story is one for the books..literally! And she helped write an amazing one. Don't just take our word for it, read about the runt of the litter who became a hero and started a national movement.

Support Pawssible

Your donations make it PAWSSIBLE for us to educate and support those who would like to partner with a service dog.

Pawssible Education

If you would like your business to be on the PAWSSIBLE 6 legs support list sign up for the business education here.

Pawssible Reviews

How well are you really doing in servicing ALL your customers?  See how your business stands up to 6 legs.