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What Is Pawssible?

Pawssible is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the provision of advocacy, resources, and education for individuals who would like to partner with a service dog and the community that wants more information about service dogs.

Pawssible’s goal is to educate more individuals, businesses, medical professionals, and organizations about the laws, benefits, and capabilities of working with a service dog, and provide networking connections and resources for individuals and families wanting proper information on the selection and training of a service dog.

Service dogs can be any breed. There is nothing typical about the differences in people and their needs and the dogs that have the ability to be trained to help. Pawssible was started to give more people and companies the knowledge needed to have a positive interaction with a service dog.

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Bunny Young has a story. It began with the need to have more of the freedom to live as people without chronic health conditions do and led to Goose, a Great Dane service dog. Goose made it possible for Bunny to be the founder of Pawssible, a Service Dog Connection, and helped train Guinness to continue the legacy of connecting people and organizations to laws, information, and a greater understanding of what it means for people with “six legs.”

And now, the buzz is “on” with interested and caring folks like you. We cannot do this without you. Won’t you join us in bringing awareness of bonded pairs like Guinness and Bunny to companies, to your community, and your family?

What Is Pawssible?

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Learn More About Pawssible

Here’s the story of Pawssible and why it’s so important to Bunny to educate the public and help people who need a service dog get that service. You could say it’s close to her heart.

Goose the Service Dog


Bunny Young of Pawssible




Published by Amy Lacey, ABC8 News, WRIC.com, July 17, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Goose is never too far away from Bunny Sumner Young. The Great Dane has been her lifeline since their paths crossed at an Arizona Humane Society eight years ago.

“I rescued her, and then daily she rescues me,” Bunny says patting Goose’s head.

Goose is a cardiac assistance dog. She’s the second one Bunny has had over the years. Since age 11, Bunny has battled a condition that causes a rapid heart rate. Goose is tall enough to serve as a “walking cane” to keep Bunny steady on her feet. She is also trained to detect the sudden spikes.

“Far before I could ever sense that something’s wrong in my human brain, she knows that my heart rate is getting up and that I need to do something about it.”

Bunny explains that Goose can hear it, nudge her, get her cell phone and get help. Because of Goose, Bunny says she has been able to cut out six different prescriptions.

“My quality of life has improved significantly being six-legged rather than two-legged with lots of medications.”

Bunny is grateful to a healthcare provider who years ago recommended that she look into getting a service dog to help manage her heart condition and now lives the benefits of having Goose every day. Bunny just launched a nonprofit called Pawssible to give the gift to other patients.

“We wanted to provide people with resources to work with a trainer, hopefully rescue a dog from a local animal shelter and provide them with scholarships to train their own dogs,” Bunny explains.

She says there is typically a two-year waiting list for service dogs, and their average cost is $30,000. That is where Pawssible will come in to make more immediate matches and provide the training recommendations.

Education is also a big part of Pawssible’s mission. Bunny and Goose are spreading the word about how businesses and community organizations can better accommodate service dogs and the people who rely on them.

Bunny is now using her experience to better others’ lives one canine companion at a time.

Bunny Young of Pawssible
Service Dog Goose and Bunny Young
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Pawssible is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all proceeds go to creating in-person and virtual programs, educational materials, and travel to speaking engagements. The goal of these efforts is to create a more knowledgable and empowered person with 'six legs' and to create more empathetic, understanding, and law-compliant public environments.

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Goose's story is one for the books..literally! And she helped write an amazing one. Don't just take our word for it, read about the runt of the litter who became a hero and started a national movement.

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